Wall Hung Reliefs




These assemblages are the result of putting together different components, and pieces, I have created  out of natural materials such as wood slate, stone, metal and leather, with some added object  trouve’, such as bits of old watches. Each tiny piece is cut, carved, sanded, dyed, textured or Patinated.   Using a limited palette of carefully chosen colours, I orchestrate the juxtaposition of shape, and textures Intuitively, into these contemporary panels.


Out Of The Dragon Series.

Every time I have lived away from Wales I have pined for my homeland-it is   Hugely part of who I am. This series is about my feelings of heirieth and pride of my unique country with its  stunning beaches, majestic mountains and prehistoric monuments to it’s up to the minute technology and industrious people



Sometimes an artist experiences a creative flow, which is like surfing a huge wave or riding a bicycle at speed downhill. Ideas seem to come from the stratosphere and you just have to go with it intuitively. This piece was very like that, but it doesn’t happen without months of making thousands of components that at the  time, I knew I would use and trusted to my intuition to eventually tell me how.