Perryn’s Limited Edition Sculptures are intuitive and yet iconic. Whether animal or human, she has a connection to the essence of the subject matter. Sand cast in hot bronze, finished and individually patinated by the artist - with the exception of Horse and Polar Bear, which are cast by the traditional lost wax method in an art foundry and are hollow.

Perryn utilises the beautiful Preseli Bluestone, sourced from the Preseli hills nearby in Pembrokeshire. It is the material of many stone circles, cromlechs and dolmens within the country. This is the magical stone that is the inner circle of Stonehenge. It is an exceptionally hard granite which influences the essence of the carving.

Each bronze sculpture is sand cast from the original carving into solid bronze in a foundry. It comes to Perryn rough and she fettles it (removing excess metal and fining detail), then patinates using fire and chemicals, which in itself is like alchemy. Patination is an intuitive process done with chemicals and a blow torch. No two are exactly alike as many colour changes happen during the process. They vary from browns to bluey greens according to the weather, temperature and humidity in the air. These colours reflect the colours of the original. The patinated bronzes are then polished and sealed, and come with a certificate of origin for provenance to last for generations.

Please ask for an image of an available Bronze if you wish to see the actual colour.